Our Website’s Goal

With this website our focus is to provide information to our users about the business and online services we deal in. Our attempt is always to display the latest information with clear content so that the users do not get mislead. We do not make any warranties regarding the services we deliver. If you do feel that the information provided on the website is not correct, then please let us know right away. That being said, by using these services you abide to follow all the terms and conditions mentioned on our “Terms & Conditions” page.

Why Trust Us?

We are as straightforward as the business gets. You pay us through Paypal or other methods and we fulfill the order in the required time. With us, your data is deleted every 90 days and even before that it is safely encrypted in our servers.

How To Order?

You can navigate through the navigation bar which is at the top of the page. From there you can select the type of service you want to buy. Also, for all of our products we have a comparison table on all our pages. So, you can order through the add to cart button of the particular package.

What Is Our Refund Policy?

Refund is only possible if we were not able to fulfill the order. No other scenario.

What Do I Do If I Do Not Receive My Order On Time?

Sometimes the order can be delayed but most of the time we fulfil them asap. Large orders may take time to deliver in order to make the process look natural. For enquiries you can mail us support@realsociallikes.com to find out the exact time.

What If The Site Is Down?

We will not be accountable if our website is down for sometime as it may happen during the maintenance process of the website. We always strive to make this site more user friendly and customer centric.

Have any other question?

Hit us here, support@realsociallikes.com .